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Design to Go Vs Traditional Design

We recently launched an exciting adventure with online interior design called “Design to Go” to help provide you, the client with the complete package: beautiful decor, inspiration, and design help. Virtual design is an exciting new industry that’s growing faster than you can imagine, and there’s no doubt it’s making gorgeous interiors more accessible and affordable than ever. But how does

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About Our Blog

My name is Melonie Madzel and I have been in the Residential Interior Design Business now since 2001. I have been practicing successfully within the coastal neighboring communities of Palm Coast since 2013. Eighteen months ago, my husband was awarded a position in design applications with a world class aircraft manufacturer located here in the

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Natural and Unnatural Disaster Turns into Design Spectacular

Some of you have never contacted an Interior Designer before for a number of reasons: costs, you might be a DIY~ers (do it yourself) type of person, or out of fear that you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Hiring a professional interior designer can be somewhat scary, especially if they weren’t referred

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