A Colorful World Interior Design had the pleasure of recently working with client whom came to us and were not happy with the layout the architect proposed for the reconstruction of their current home. They hired us prior to help with the process, and they were glad they did. When they received the first blueprint they were panicked because it was nothing like they expected. So they reached out to us with our first project. Can we recreate this layout? Of course we said Yes, and So, we did. With our 3D rendering program we were able to take the current blueprint, draw out the space parameters and reconstruct the space in a more conducive way. We sent them a 2D blueprint of the thought process as well as a real life 3D render that they can scroll through and see how it would look! They loved it and said it was PERFECT! Not only did it save them time and money it gave them peace of mind because once it’s built there’s no tuning back unless you want to reconstruct everything that was just done all over again. The 3D program A Colorful World Interior Design offers helps our clients see everything in real-life form before the work is done, and that is worth it’s weight in gold.

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Design to Go Vs Traditional Design

We recently launched an exciting adventure with online interior design called “Design to Go” to help provide you, the client with the complete package: beautiful decor, inspiration, and design help. Virtual design is an exciting new industry that’s growing faster than you can imagine, and there’s no doubt it’s making gorgeous interiors more accessible and affordable than ever. But how does it work, exactly? We want to give you our take on how the industry is evolving, what problems it’s solving, and more. Read on.


What is Design To Go?

“Design To Go is a new way to design your home. We provide online interior design services that are very personal, affordable and 100% virtual. It’s the easiest way to design a beautiful home.”

So how did you get this process started? 

We live in a fast paced, DIY world, but I recognize that not everyone can pull a space together , nor do they have the time. It can be very frustrating when you have a vision, but can’t seem to pull it off. So I thought let me try and put together a design/slide show/ shopping list for a friend and see if I can make it user friendly and fun. So my friend sent me some pics of her home, and I redecorated it all from photos! I asked her if she felt the process was easy, and she was beyond thrilled! So Design To Go design was born and everyone loves it!

What do you think are the most common issues we face when decorating our own homes, and how are you addressing them?

“I think the biggest issue is that people are overwhelmed when it comes to decorating. Many people have a good sense of what they want and their style; it is really hard to cut through all the ideas and products to create the look you want.

“A Colorful World makes it easy to help you achieve your vision. We know everyone has that folder of magazine tear-outs or saved digital images of their true design dreams. Just send those to us, and we will design for you—in your style and budget—and make that dream room you have tucked away in your inspiration folders a reality.”



Interior design is a very old-school industry in many ways. What are some of the biggest advances you’ve seen in design, thanks to technology?

“Technology is playing a huge role in the transformation of the interior design industry, and we are really excited to embrace it. A Colorful World’s platform allows us to work with clients from all over the world—and this has made interior design accessible to millions. I really love that while living in Florida, we can help someone in Houston design their home, and they don’t need to break the bank to do it. It’s great for both designers and consumers who have longed for professional design help.

“But by far the most exciting technological development in home design is 3D technology. 3D technology [a service A Colorful World offers with each package] will radically change how we design and shop for our homes in just a few years. Imagine this: I am a designer working with you virtually on your living room, and we create an amazing 3D, photo-realistic model of your room. You see exactly how your room will look, down to how the morning light hits your blue velvet sofa, before you purchase even one item. No guessing, no mistakes, no visits to umpteen stores—just your exact room vision delivered. I truly believe 3D technology like this will replace the old furniture shopping of the past.”



How do you think online interior design services have changed the design industry?

We are speaking to a totally new audience that previously has not had access to traditional interior design. We have created a product and platform that allows incredible online interior design to design really efficiently for clients around the country. If you are in Portland, OR, there is little chance you will be able to hire an amazing talent like Will Wick in San Francisco for your home design. With A Colorful World, whether you are a Classic or Celeb designer, you are accessing a whole new group of clients, and as a consumer, you can hire an incredible array of designers you would might never have access to.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your customer: Who is she, where is she from, and generally what is she looking for?

“Our clients come from all over the country and world. The diversity in our client base is really amazing. We have done projects from LA to New York. The common theme is a desire to have a great-looking space (Home/Office) one that feels pulled together and reflects the client’s unique style.”

Do you generally see people making over just one or two rooms, or the whole house? 

“It’s a mix. Certainly most people do more than one room, but as you can imagine, there are key life stages like having a baby, starting a new home office, or a kid going off to college that necessitate redoing a one-off room.”


How has social media paved the way for online interior design?

“Things like social media offer incredible opportunity for our industry, because consumers now have such amazing access to incredible design inspiration. I absolutely love how democratized design is now. Traditional interior designers are still totally revered, but there is this undercurrent of people’s design that I am obsessed with because I think that is sometimes where big ideas and innovation can come from.

“You see that Instagram can literally create its own design stars almost overnight.


What’s next for A Colorful World?

“I think you can expect to see us really pushing the boundaries of developing great designer-client relationships online. We have come so far but want to create even deeper connections with our clients. We will also continue to drive technological advances in visualization. Seeing your home in photo-realistic 3D is such a fantastic experience; we want everyone to be able to do it in short order!”


About Our Blog

My name is Melonie Madzel and I have been in the Residential Interior Design Business now since 2001. I have been practicing successfully within the coastal neighboring communities of Palm Coast since 2013. Eighteen months ago, my husband was awarded a position in design applications with a world class aircraft manufacturer located here in the Jacksonville area. After nearly 18 months of travel to and from the Palm Coast area to complete existing and ongoing projects, I am excited for the opportunity to start a new here on the First Coast – serving my customers and my community!

My husband and I have purchased a lovely home in Fleming Island and are very thankful to be surrounded by the water of the St. Johns River and just a short drive away from neighboring communities of the Beaches! I pride myself on working closely and intimately with each of my clients, so as to best understand their design aesthetics. I love the water, and have an eye for what I like to call “Coastal Chic”. I am very excited that we have landed in such a beautiful area, and that I will be able to continue working with future clients with similar interest and taste like mine.

During my tenure working in the Palm Coast area, I discovered not only a real passion for serving my customers, but a desire to help those in my community that were less fortunate. Often, after completing a project in my client’s home, it would become apparent that some pieces of the original furnishings would no longer be utilized within the new design application. After unsuccessful attempts by my customers to place a particular piece with an adult child or other family member, my customers began asking me what they should do with the pieces they no longer desired.

It was at this point; I decided to reach out to the local Salvation Army to see if they could help me find families in need. Sure enough, there were local families whom were in need of furnishings to supplement what little they may have already had –
while trying to get back on their feet. Wow! What a blessing! After several of these occasions, I decided to present these stories and events to fellow members of my church. From these humble beginnings, I created a nonprofit called “REACH, Helping Hurting Families”. You would not believe the generosity that has poured out from people coming from all walks of life. Members from different churches got involved, all ages, both men and women – some with pickup trucks and their own cars helping families with no means to pick up the furniture and delivering for free.

Not only has this been a blessing to those in need, but to me, and my clients – blessed to be able to donate their unwanted items to those families in desperate need.

I am excited to relocate my Interior Design practice to serving homes in Clay, Duval, and St. Johns County, and I am eager to continue helping others in my community by repurposing your unwanted or leftover furnishings that may be a result of your newly completed design.

I welcome your phone call to discuss how I may serve you. Please call me today at: 386-627-9372.

Melonie Madzel
Interior Design Consultant

Natural and Unnatural Disaster Turns into Design Spectacular

Some of you have never contacted an Interior Designer before for a number of reasons: costs, you might be a DIY~ers (do it yourself) type of person, or out of fear that you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Hiring a professional interior designer can be somewhat scary, especially if they weren’t referred or you are used to doing things yourself.

Today I am writing about a client of mine (with their permission of course) who thought doing it yourself was “ideal”. That is until they found themselves in a world of trouble because they weren’t from the area, and knew very few people.

Professional Designers typically have a team of contractors, electricians, painters, flooring contractors, custom upholsterers, and custom curtain makers, etc. that they work with. Some work for the designer, others are simply sole proprietors who work “with” that particular designer. Nonetheless, it is important to meet a professional in the industry who can guide you in the right direction, with the right team of people, to make your experience the best ever and here’s why…

Theresa and Jon bought their home, and 6 months after their purchase they were hit by Hurricane Matthew. Their entire house, including all of their furniture, walls, flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. needed to be replaced. They set out to hire a contractor without the help of a design professional. When hiring a contractor, unless they are a referral (and sometimes even when they are, such as in this case) it is wise to talk with a professional who is actually in the industry. Theresa and Jon were referred to a contractor by their neighbor. This neighbor never worked with the contractor himself, but decided it was a good idea to refer him to his neighbors even though he wasn’t sure that the guy was valid.

They began working with this referred contractor, and went under contract with him. Theresa’s sister Karen, suggested they hire a designer once they decided to redesign the whole house, and so they called “A Colorful World.” When I met with Theresa and Jon, they were delightful and excited about the opportunity to get their house done the way they wanted to. I asked them if they had a contractor or any team on hire, and they told me they had hired a guy named David. Ultimately David would be preparing the house to my design suggestions. I had never heard of David, even after being in the area for 12 years, and I’ve worked with many contractors or at least heard of most of them. When I went under contract with Theresa and Jon we started getting into the detail of where they were with David, and they asked me to look over their contract….I was FLOORED. David was over charging them in every corner, so I began to ask questions like….how much money have you given David at this point? (They weren’t even two weeks in) …..$72,000.00 YES, you heard right and the only thing done were the walls, which ended up having to be taken back down. I literally panicked and said why did you pay him all this money already? The total project cost was only $80,000.00. They said “He asked for it.” Ok everyone….NEVER, I repeat, EVER agree to pay that much money upfront. There is absolutely no reason for it. I said I need to meet David. So we set up a meeting and I met David, but prior to our meeting, Theresa and Jon wanted to meet to talk things over. When we went to their house I had the contract David wrote in my hand and he ripped it out of my hand and said that is none of your business (FIRST TIME MEETING, ummm…) I said excuse me, my clients have made this my business…he ignored me and walked away.

Now mind you, as a professional, and working in the industry for 16 years, that has never, ever happened. Needless to say I was completely scared for my clients. Once we left the meeting, I asked them lots of questions…his website, where they found him, etc. I then decided to do a little investigating.

I talked to my contractors, asked around about this mystery guy, and we couldn’t find out anything, except a really bad website, and then, well…. things hit the fan. He started to become unraveled, telling my clients they couldn’t have the bathroom cabinets they wanted, or he only gave them two choices for flooring, and two choices for cabinets. I was floored, again. I asked them what they wanted to do, but they were stuck and praying that this would all work out….until it didn’t and David took their neighbor for $140,000.00 and Theresa and Jon for $76,000.00. Almost $200,000.00….and he’s gone!

When my clients went to see a lawyer, they found out that he wasn’t even licensed and the owner lived in Mexico and had another location in another state….they would never see their money again. So…now after the tragedy of Hurricane Matthew…they were at a loss in many ways. The project was held up for over a month because David had a permit on the property that needed to be released and we could’t do anything until it is. So…we brought in my team of contractors, electricians, flooring guys, painters, etc. Then we basically had to start over from there. The only thing David’s team did was put up walls, take out tile floors (which wasn’t done) and re-frame the master bathroom shower (which had to be completely redone). It is absolutely detrimental to hire a professional in this case, unless you do everything over yourself. My team could have saved Jon and Theresa so much money, time and heartache.

Sometimes we think we can do things on our own to “save” money, but in some cases we actually end up losing money. Save your money…hire a professional.

This project has been very special to me. I took over the full design, from floor to ceiling, including furniture, kitchen, bathrooms….I not only had clients to work with, I made some really awesome friends. Take a look at our journey of before and after pics. This was not a job for me, it was a passion and my friends absolutely love their home.

I am blessed to do what I love, and meet clients that become a part of my life!