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My name is Melonie Madzel and I have been in the Residential Interior Design Business now since 2001. I have been practicing successfully within the coastal neighboring communities of Palm Coast since 2013. Eighteen months ago, my husband was awarded a position in design applications with a world class aircraft manufacturer located here in the Jacksonville area. After nearly 18 months of travel to and from the Palm Coast area to complete existing and ongoing projects, I am excited for the opportunity to start a new here on the First Coast – serving my customers and my community!

My husband and I have purchased a lovely home in Fleming Island and are very thankful to be surrounded by the water of the St. Johns River and just a short drive away from neighboring communities of the Beaches! I pride myself on working closely and intimately with each of my clients, so as to best understand their design aesthetics. I love the water, and have an eye for what I like to call “Coastal Chic”. I am very excited that we have landed in such a beautiful area, and that I will be able to continue working with future clients with similar interest and taste like mine.

During my tenure working in the Palm Coast area, I discovered not only a real passion for serving my customers, but a desire to help those in my community that were less fortunate. Often, after completing a project in my client’s home, it would become apparent that some pieces of the original furnishings would no longer be utilized within the new design application. After unsuccessful attempts by my customers to place a particular piece with an adult child or other family member, my customers began asking me what they should do with the pieces they no longer desired.

It was at this point; I decided to reach out to the local Salvation Army to see if they could help me find families in need. Sure enough, there were local families whom were in need of furnishings to supplement what little they may have already had –
while trying to get back on their feet. Wow! What a blessing! After several of these occasions, I decided to present these stories and events to fellow members of my church. From these humble beginnings, I created a nonprofit called “REACH, Helping Hurting Families”. You would not believe the generosity that has poured out from people coming from all walks of life. Members from different churches got involved, all ages, both men and women – some with pickup trucks and their own cars helping families with no means to pick up the furniture and delivering for free.

Not only has this been a blessing to those in need, but to me, and my clients – blessed to be able to donate their unwanted items to those families in desperate need.

I am excited to relocate my Interior Design practice to serving homes in Clay, Duval, and St. Johns County, and I am eager to continue helping others in my community by repurposing your unwanted or leftover furnishings that may be a result of your newly completed design.

I welcome your phone call to discuss how I may serve you. Please call me today at: 386-627-9372.

Melonie Madzel
Interior Design Consultant